Carla Juárez

Fine Art Mexico

Ixtapa – Zihuatanejo – Troncones

Carla Juárez

The motion of water, the soft winds, as well as playful reflections, colors and shapes, the brightness and contrasts have been her fascination since childhood. In the schoolyard, she would often move away from the bustle and let herself be caught up in the likeness of the images of trees in giant puddles of water left by the rain and tiptoeing through them got carried away by the reflections, by her dreams and imagination.

Fantasy and reality have, since then, formed the world of the plastic artist who scribbled on sheets of paper, on the school bench, on the wall… then, with her fingers, in the sand by the sea.

Since adolescence her clothes, her arms and legs displayed stains of paint from drawing comics in her notebooks, painting passionate cardinals in water colors on her love letters, figuring out ways to intertwine her surroundings with fantasy and capture her creations on paper and canvas.

Occasional painting classes, hand in hand at times with some technique taught by famed Mexican and foreign painters, but always returning to her own fantasies, feeling mauve poppies reaching her fingers, connecting her eyes, mind and hands.

To her surprise others were also touched in their hearts or in their instincts by the colors of her sweet madness; people wanted to possess the flowers, the faces, the mustaches, the crests, the bursts of water, ocean crests, the birds, the catrinas and the wings.

In Carla’s words: “My greatest joy is to be able to impact the life of others, to share with them a feeling that was born in a dream or a memory, to know that when I’m gone the turquoise and gold colors will perhaps remain.”

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