´I have a corner in my home that transports me to my youth to the beauty of the winter with the tall trees and wildlife´.

Delighting the eye and feeding the soul

Dra. Juárez’s colors are so vibrant: it’s like she dips her brushes in pots of gemstones.

Whimsy frequently appears in her art, and when it does, it is reminiscent of Gabriel García Márquez’s magical realism. Whether authentic or fantastical, everyday or exceptional, Dra. Juárez’s art steals focus, delighting the eye and feeding the soul.

The colors are one of my favorite elements of “El Oso.” Dear to my heart in this piece, too, are the trees: their colors, their textures, their composition. Gazing at the painting makes my heart sing.

Carrie Jones and Tracy Duckart