• Acrylic on canvas, wood.
  • Object art (lamps, shoes, furniture, hats, bags).
  • Clothing painting.
  • Mural.
  • Custom art.

Know Carla Juárez….

The shadows, the contours, the brightness, and the contrasts… The water and its movement, the soft wind.

Since she was a child, in the playground of her school, Carla moved away from the hustle and bustle and walked around the huge puddles left by the rain. Huge, ancient trees were reflected in the dark and shiny water, and when leaning out on tiptoes, it seemed that she entered another world, of fantasy and faded brown colors, of moving figures of intriguing depth.

Fantasy and reality have, since then, formed the world of the plastic artist who scribbled on sheets of paper, on the school bench, on the wall… then, with her fingers, in the sand by the sea.

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