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Delighting the eye and feeding the soul

Dr. Juárez’s colors are so vibrant: it’s like she dips her brushes in pots of gemstones.

Whimsy frequently appears in her art, and when it does, it is reminiscent of Gabriel García Márquez’s magical realism. Whether authentic or fantastical, everyday or exceptional, Dr. Juárez’s art steals focus, delighting the eye and feeding the soul.

The colors are one of my favorite elements of “El Oso.” Dear to my heart in this piece, too, are the trees: their colors, their textures, their composition. Gazing at the painting makes my heart sing.

Carrie Jones and Tracy Duckart

Flores Mágicas

I am the happy owner of “Flores Mágicas” painted by Dr. Carla Juárez!

She is a very sensitive and caring person who understood exactly what I wanted.  I was amazed when she delivered the painting – it is absolutely beautiful!  The color combination, the transparent effects, the delicacy of her touch, made the flowers wonderful.

Carla´s energy of Love in her artwork is amazing!

The painting has a prominent space in my living area and in my heart!


Lucía Gayón
September 2022

Flores Mágicas

Joyas en el Cielo

La Reina del Norte

I love Dr. Carla´ s paintings…

I have bought several paintings from Dr. Carla. I love her paintings and I am sure I will be acquiring more of her paintings in the future.

I love Dr. Carla´s paintings they are very pleasing to look at. Every time I enter a room, I enjoy looking at the paintings.

Gerlinde Tanis
July 2020 and August 2022

Por que Quiero

Mar Turquesa

Ilusión de Sirena

Planeo añadir más a mi colección

Tengo 3 cuadros, todos con distintos contrastes y los considero parte de mi, me representan en muchas formas como un mar salvaje en los que muchas veces me he encontrado, la catrina es la representación de la elegancia y el respeto que conforma cada aventura nueva en mi vida y mi sirena tenebrosa es mi amor por la magia y la fantasía que tanto me caracterizan.

Estoy muy agradecido por formar parte de esta experiencia artística y planeo añadir más a mi colección conforme vaya desarrollando nuevos caminos y aventuras a lo largo de mi vida.

Luis Sebastián Bolaños Juárez
Mayo 2023


Tarot y cardenal

Víbora de la mar

A display of childlike innocence…

The artwork created by Dr. Juarez is fascinating, on the one hand, because of the diversity and what I perceive as a display of childlike innocence in combining “real” objects and fantasy in her choice of motives and, on the other hand, the inspired and skillful application of materials, techniques and colors.

My home features her creations since 2010 and included are small and large objects, such as a beautiful 7-foot snake made from driftwood, as well as different size and shape of canvas paintings. Her work reflects love for living beings, passion and compassion for all things and elements in nature, particularly the ocean.


Wilhelm Lee Kraft W
June 2023


El Mar… Mi vida!

El Mar… Mi vida!

The three paintings together tell the story of sailing out to sea at sunset, starting at the colourful shoreline then heading towards the sunset until finally the sun has almost set and the waters darken in the fading sun.

Sheĺley and James Ball
February 2023

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